Fuzy Pawz

Services & Rates

Here at Fuzy Pawz we run a home based pet boarding service, only ever walking two dogs at any given time, and day or night boarding we only have one dog at any one time (Exceptions can be made for dogs from the same household where we will accommodate more)

Dog Walking

Dog Walks can be one or two dogs from the same household, prices are detailed below.

30 Minute Walk   (One dog)                       £ 9

30 Minute Walk (Two dogs)                      £ 12

 45 Minute Walk (One Dog)                        £ 11   45 Minute Walk (Two Dogs)                     £ 16                      

1 Hour Walk (One Dog)                                  £ 13

1 Hour Walk (Two dogs)                               £ 20

Pop In Service

Pop In service can cover lots of things for both cats and dogs, from daily: feeding, playing, medicating and any other need your pets may have while you are away for the day. As well as this while you are on holiday since some cats prefer to stay at home I can "pop in" and interact with them while you enjoy your holiday knowing your cats are being well looked after in the comfort of their own home.

15 Minutes                                £ 7

30 Minutes                              £ 9

45 Minutes                             £ 11             

1 Hour                                           £ 13

Doggy DayCare

Doggy DayCare covers all things that your pet could need during the day while you are unavailable. Your pet would be welcomed into our home as a part of the family, hours are flexible.

Full Day                                   £ 23

OverNight Boarding

OverNight stays, we only board one Dog at a time meaning your pet will have one to one attention.

OverNight                                   £ 28